Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Motopony - Welcome You

Welcome You is Motopony's second album, following 2011's self-titled debut.  The line-up has gone through some changes, and the music has morphed a bit as well.  But the Seattle band's ability to craft interesting songs remains.  Stylistically, the eleven tracks could earn tags such as folk rock, dramatic pop, synth pop, glam, jam rock, psychedelic, and glitch dance rock (there is a chance I invented that one).  However, the demarcation between the genres is gleefully blurred, and what remains is a full, even lush, sound with plenty of delightful and surprising touches and a double live show dose of energy.  One does not want to set unnecessary standards for measuring achievement, but I will note that there is a bit of the Fab Four in the audacity of the vision on Welcome You.  This is a band that paints on a bit canvas with bold strokes and bright colors.

I think the best way to take this album is to let it take you.  If you approach it with expectations of what you are going to hear you may be confused or even disappointed.  But if you press play and let Motopony take you on a journey, I expect that you will have a very good time.

For Welcome You, Motopony founder Daniel Blue is joined by Forrest Mauvais, Mike Notter, Terry Mattson, Andrew Butler, and Nate Daley.


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