Monday, July 6, 2015

Princess Chelsea - The Great Cybernetic Depression

You can take The Great Cybernetic Depression from Princess Chelsea -- New Zealander Chelsea Nikkel -- on two levels.  First, there is the artist's concept of a world ten years in the future, in which increased digital interaction has eroded the depth of traditional interaction.  Or you can just take it as an eccentric but ultimately well-executed pop album with excellent production.  Nikkel's vocals are notable for their girlish quality, but she is note perfect and, in my view, manages to stand up to the robust production.  Some variety is contributed via duets with Jonathan Bree, but it is Nikkel's show.  My favorite tracks from the album are available to stream below.  If this is your cup of cybernetic depression, check out the Bandcamp link.

Bandcamp for album
Lil' Chief Records

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