Monday, May 27, 2019

The Pinheads - Is This Real

No gimmicks, no gloss, just pure, direct rock and roll.  That is Is This Real, and it is wonderful.  We just finished a fine three-day holiday weekend with good weather, outdoor entertaining, floating on the lake in the WYMA yacht (all 21 feet of it), and our soundtrack was this album.  The creation of Wollongong, Australian five-piece The Pinheads, it is the sort of album that would have made reputations and filled stadiums in the '70s.  The music consumption world has changed, so that likely won't happen for these lads, but the quality and energy should earn them your ears nonetheless.

This music has grunge, grit and riffage, to be sure, and the pace is fast nearly throughout.  But the band has something to say and varies the dynamics as needed to deliver a lyrical or melodic point.  Listeners will take from the music what they will, but this album that reminds us of our youth, and these days that is a valued result indeed.

Is This Real is out now via Farmer & Owl.

Bandcamp for Is This Real
Farmer and Owl (label)

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