Thursday, May 23, 2019

No Local - The End Again

One of our favorite albums of the spring has been The End Again by No Local.  The album was created by two members of The Ocean Party, Liam Halliwell (aka Snowy) and Zac Denton, with additional assistance on vocals from Emma Russack, Ashley Bundang, Lauren Huynh, Rea Caldwell, and Sophie Treloar, and some stellar saxophone from Tren Garner.  Sadly, Zac, who also was a member of Ciggie Witch, Pregnancy, and Hobby Farm, passed away subsequent to the recording of the album.

The music is rhythmic, inventive, melodic, and just oddball enough to make the listener believe that they have stumbled on something personal and magical.  Of course, in our view the listener would be correct.  Opening track "The End" begins with a thick, rubbery bass line and then builds with vocals and horns to a shimmering, '80s-style anthem.  In fact, the bass remains prominent throughout the song -- and for most of the album -- which is just another reason we love it.  The shimmer remains as well, but the treats don't end there.  We also have false endings, robot-love dialogue (no, we won't explain, just listen to the album), and lush synths and horns.  "Nothing More To Give", which is the most "Ocean Party" of the songs on the album, probably would win a listeners' vote for the showcase song.  But all ten tracks are prime examples of sharp songwriting and daring performances.  That The End Again has not yet received the press it deserves saddens and surprises us, but you can do your part -- get it and tell a friend.  Better yet, buy a copy for a friend.  You don't want us to think that you don't have friends, do you?

 The End Again is out now via Osborne Again Music, with Arizona's Emotional Response Records handling North American Distribution.  You can get the album in digital format.  Osborne Again Music has sold their vinyl stock, but Emotional Response may still have some copies.

Bandcamp for The End Again
Emotional Response Records page for album

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