Tuesday, February 19, 2019

"You're Not Always On My Mind" by Quivers

As experts in navigating life like a boss, we know that a well-lived life requires having good songs in your quiver.  But we also aren't too old to learn, so we'd like to share with you that a well-lived life needs a good song by the Quivers.  In fact, we have become quite obsessed with "You're Not Always On My Mind", the single released today by Melbourne-by-way-of-Tasmania quartet Quivers.  With a title refrain that borrows the sly lyrical twist as the old, beloved 10cc standard, the song shimmers and jangles in all the right places, with the warm and sincere vocals balanced by a dynamic arrangement.  The band released an album last year (link) and will be gracing SXSW this spring, but for those of us who hadn't previously had the pleasure, this is one sparkling triumph of an introduction.

Quivers are Sam J. Nicholson (vocals/guitar), joined by Bella Quinlan (bass), Holly Thomas (drums), and Michael Panton (lead guitar).  "You're Not Always On My Mind" was released today (well, today in Australia, tomorrow in the US) via Hotel Motel Records.

Bandcamp for single
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Soil McKechnie said...

I love this. I was hungry for this. I wish I could taste it through a straw. I don't know what happened next. All I know is she moved. Packed up her bags and her curtains.
Left him in his room. Alas it was only a single.