Tuesday, February 19, 2019

"Bitter Honey" by The Catherines

We regularly do certain things here at WYMA ... <<Reader: "Drink beer!>>  Well, yes, dear reader, we do drink some beer.  We also ... <<Reader: "Drink wine!">>  Ah, yes, we confess to an occasional glass of vino.  However, we ... <<Reader: "Nap when you should be working and ...">>.  Ok, that is enough.  Please stop interrupting or we'll never finish this post before our morning nap...er...break time.

As we have been trying to write, we have regularly featured new recordings from Germany's The Catherines.  Today's edition from the duo of Sandra Ost and Heiko Schneider is a lovely cover of "Bitter Honey".  The song was written in the '60s by Paul Williams and Roger Nichols, and was first recorded by The Holy Mackerel.  You can now have The Catherines' interpretation for 'name your price' on Bandcamp.


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