Friday, February 8, 2019

Earache - Last

WYMA: We have something for you today.
Reader: What is it?
WYMA: Something very, very nice.
Reader: Oh, it will be a happy Friday, then.  Please tell me, what is it?
WYMA: Earache.
Reader: Lovely, I'd like to .... WHAT?  You are offering me an earache?  No way.
WYMA: Don't be that way.  This Earache is very good for your ears.
Reader: Do you think I'm stupid?  I've had earaches before and they are horrible things.
WYMA: We'll give you a bit of Earache and we think you'll change your mind.
Reader: That's crazy.
WYMA: Take your fingers out of your ears.  Please, for us.
Reader: Well, OK, but just a bit, I have a low tolerance for pain.

WYMA: There! That wasn't so bad, was it?
Reader: No. It actually was quite nice.  But does the pain come later?
WYMA: There is no pain with Earache, only pleasure.  They are an Australian duo comprised of Gemma Nourse and David Fenderson, and have released a wonderful eight-track album titled Last.  The eight songs feature stabbing, tangled guitar lines, affecting melodies, and girl/boy vocals delivered in a sturdy dream pop/shoegaze style.  There are some similarities to New Zealand's Surf City, but with more structure and a lot more attention to the vocals, and fans with a deeper historical base likely will detect some Field Mice DNA.  Here are two more of our favorites from the album:

Reader: You guys are wonderful.  My ears feel terrific!  We are going to recommend Earache to all of our friends.  Where can we find it?

WYMA: We're glad you aren't suffering too much from the Earache.  Last is out now in digital formats via Lacklustre Records and Black Wire Records, and vinyl via Black Wire Records.

Bandcamp for Last (Lacklustre Records)
Bandcamp for Last (Black Wire Records)

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