Friday, February 1, 2019

Business of Dreams - Ripe for Anarchy

When we hear the name Corey Cunningham in connection with a project, we expect very good things.  And why not?  When a resume includes Smokescreens, Terry Malts and Magic Bullets, as well as work with Mike Krol, we know we can't  go wrong supporting the guy. But even with those expectations, we were thrilled and amazed by Ripe for Anarchy, his new album under the name Business of Dreams. Yes, the roots of past work remain, with guitar pop hooks and dynamic chords.  But the songs on this album have a brighter pop sheen, and a bit less grit.  Moreover, they are adorned with synths that give the proceedings a bit of an '80s lushness.  Thematically, the album is emotionally complex, with melancholy and disappointment mingling with joy, hope and a survivor's acceptance.

In our view, it is a tribute to Cunningham the pop craftsman that we find traces of past favorite records from labels like Postcard, Creation, and Sarah, as well as the label for this album, Slumberland, without being able to put a finger on a specific influence.  The quality is at such a level that choosing favorite songs is an impossible task.  We listen to this album daily -- at work, at home, in the car, on runs, and in the gym.  If the blips and blaps on our devices were like vinyl, this record would be skipping already and today is the release day.  Yes, Ripe for Anarchy gets our highest recommendation.

The album is out today in vinyl, CD and digital formats via Slumberland Records.

Bandcamp for Ripe For Anarchy
Slumberland Records

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