Monday, February 11, 2019

Charlotte Adigéry - Zandoli EP

Monday's require special handling.  Our lives are busy and the start of the week demands a jump start.  So the perfect beginning for us is Zandoli, the new EP from artist Charlotte Adigéry.  With mixed Belgian and Afro-Caribbean heritage, Adigéry  creates a bracing brand of dance pop, combining light-hearted by vivid storytelling with intriguing rhythms and captivating melodies.  And as much as we recommend this album to start your week, we suspect it will find a place on your weekend playlist as well.

Zandoli is out now via DEEWEE, the label run by the Soulwax brothers.

Bandcamp for Zandoli
Soundcloud for Zandoli
DEEWEE page for Zandoli

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