Monday, February 4, 2019

Mope City - News From Home

News From Home is more than one thing.  It may be several things more than one thing, depending on one's perspective and the intentions of its creators, the Sydney duo Mope City.  But it is at least two things: Bleak, downer slowcore; and indie pop.  Comprised of rough-edged gems with sparse instrumentation and loud/soft dynamics, the album contemplates the effects of time on relationships and associations.  Overall, the pace is unhurried, but the songs have their own demanding intensity that captures the listener.  The evocation of disconnection becomes our connection and the general twilight makes the intermittent rays of light brighter and warmer.  Take the journey with Mope City, it is worth your time.

Mope City are Amaya Lang (bass/vocals) and Matthew Neville (guitar/vocals/piano/violin), with various contributors on percussion.  News From Home is out now via the fine Australian label, Tenth Court.

Bandcamp for News From Home
Link for vinyl version
Tenth Court Records

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