Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Tyrannamen - Tyrannamen

One of my new favorite bands is Melbourne's Tyrannamen.  Apparently, the members have been playing gigs together for a half decade, but only recently recorded their debut album.  I suppose that is understandable as at least some are members of other bands.  But the music on the self-titled record is so good, that we can't help feeling deprived in retrospect, especially as travel from Seattle to Melbourne for a gig would consume our entire monthly beer and pizza budget.  There is a punk edge to some of the songs, but the real core of the album is a soulful, Memphis rock, combined with a a shaggy, pub/garage sing-along vibe.  We love it, you should love it as well.  And you may just wear this one out.

Tyrannamen originally was a limited Australian pressing by Cool Death Records, but it now is more widely available thanks to London's Static Shock Records.  US distribution is via Ebullition Records, but you may have to ask them which retailers have ordered this album.  Tyrannamen are Nic Imfeld (vocals), Cal Walker (guitar), Alex Macfarlane (bass), Angus Lord (guitar), and Chris Gray (drums).

Bandcamp for Tyrannamen
Static Shock Records
Rough Trade page for release (for UK fans)
Ebullition Records

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