Friday, October 21, 2016

The Holiday Crowd - The Holiday Crowd

Please welcome one of our favorite indie pop bands from Canada, the one and only The Holiday Crowd.  In a marketplace not short of guitar bands, what makes this Toronto outfit special?  For us, it is a fresh approach to '80s-early '90s British guitar pop that combines some of the jangle and sensibilities of The Smiths with a danceable low register groove, a lot more pep and a sunnier outlook.  We first featured The Holiday Crowd about four years ago (link).  We were impressed with them then, and we think this album is a terrific showcase for their evolution.  If you only have time to check out one track, stream "Anything Anything" below.

The Holiday Crowd is Imran Haniff, Colin Bowers, Alex Roberts, and John Coman.  The Holiday Crowd is out now via Shelflife Records.

Shelflife Records page for album

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