Thursday, October 13, 2016

Acid Arab - Musique de France

Music can be about many things.  For me, one of those things is discovery of new sounds, and old sounds interpreted in new ways.  And that is one of the reasons I look worldwide for music to write about, rather than focus on the plentiful offerings in my own country.  Today's first feature is a prime example of why I endorse that approach.   Musique de France is the new album from the Paris-based project Acid Arab.  Crafting adeptly constructed electronic music around a core of Middle Eastern and North African sounds and vocals, the band produces a head-rushing stew of the familiar and exotic, wonderfully detailed and wide in scope.  While many of the tracks are perfectly suited for the dance floor at 3 am, Acid Arab evinces mastery of the slow burn on the trippy "Gul L'Abi", featuring vocals from A-WA (a Yemenite trio of sisters).  The cross-cultural party that is Musique de France also includes vocals from Sofiane Saidi, Rizan Said, Cem Yildiz, Rachid Taha, and Jawad El Garrouge.

Musique de France is a rich tapestry of complimentary sounds, universal stories, and world music without borders.  If I was forced to start giving up new albums I've acquired this year, this one would be one of the last to go.  We recommend it highly.

Acid Arab was founded by Guido Minisky and Herve Carvalho in 2012.  More recently, they included the talents of Pierrot Casanova, Nicolas Borne, and Kenzi Bourras.  Musique de France is their first LP, and is available now on the excellent Belgian label Crammed Discs.

Crammed Discs
Crammed Disc's page for Musique de France

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