Friday, October 7, 2016

Savage Mansion - Everyone TO The Savage Mansion EP

Of all the good music being released this week, our choice for the lead feature today is a four-song EP from Glasgow's Savage Mansion.  Immediately satisfying and promising great things for the future, Everyone to the Savage Mansion is their debut EP.

The project is headed by Craig Angus, formerly of the WYMA favorites and now-defunct Poor Things, with able assistance from Taylor Stewart (drums), Jamie Dubber (bass), and Andrew MacPherson (guitar).  The title of the EP seems to us to be an apt suggestion for the month ended by Halloween.  But there is nothing scary about the music.  The record consists of four distinctly delightful power pop tunes featuring sweet hooks and a robust groove.  Opener "Trouble In Paradise" kicks off proceedings with perfect power pop.  "Elwood" is swaggering garage/alt rock with a satisfying punch.  Soaring guitar pop invades your brain via the wonderful "Sparky Gone To Heaven".  The EP closes with my favorite, the Jonathan Richman echoes of "Bring Down The City Hall".  If you can write and perform four songs that please the listener while leaving hints of guitar pop from Glasgow to Dunedin to Melbourne to Seattle to Boston to Manchester, you will convince us that you are a band to watch.

Everyone to the Savage Mansion is available as a limited edition cassette from Scottish label Cool Your Jets.  But while an independent digital version is not available at this time, a cassette purchase will entitle you to a digital download and Bandcamp streaming, so you get the physical version and all of the convenience of digital.  See the Bandcamp link for details.

Bandcamp for Everyone to the Savage Mansion
Cool Your Jets

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