Monday, October 10, 2016

EZTV - High In Place

Brooklyn's EZTV is quietly earning a reputation as one of America's best new jangle pop bands.  Most of us learned of the band via their fine debut LP, Calling Out, which was released mid-2015.  Their second album, High In Place, is now out via Captured Tracks.  At first listen, the new record sounds like a continuation of the first album, which is just fine for us jangle pop fans.  But we think a closer listen reveals an increased arsenal of guitar sounds and a more artful and confident expression of moods, anxieties, hopes and fears.  Of course, that the combination reminds us of The Byrds and The Bats, leads us to conclude that EZTV also is a beast that can fly, and their ten retro-tinged tracks on High In Place are a vibrant addition to modern guitar pop.

EZTV are Ezra Tenenbaum, Michael Stasiak, and Shane O'Connell.  As a live act, they include Christian Peslak.

Captured Tracks page for High In Place

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