Sunday, October 16, 2016

Aldous Harding - Aldous Harding

The self-titled album by Aldous Harding, the name under which Lyttelton, New Zealand native Hanna Harding performs and records has long been released in New Zealand, and from time to time in other countries.  Now, to coincide with her current tour in North America, it is available in the United States via Flying Nun Records.  Harding is a folk singer with the voice of an angel, and a set of gothic stories that belie her young age.  Her imagery is direct, but artful, and her evocation of life is harsh, but stoic.  Her vocals seek to place Harding in the mold of classic '60s folk singers, but her intriguing compositions straddle the old and the new in breathtaking fashion.  Aldous Harding is a terrific album, but even more intriguing is the future promise of an adept songwriter with her vocal talents.

Two of my favorite songs are below.  Harding's current tour still has nine more US dates, and then she heads to Europe.  Check her Facebook page (linked below) for more details.

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