Thursday, November 3, 2016

Tiny Little Houses - Snow Globe EP

I've been holding out on you, dear readers.  For over a month one of my favorite records of the Fall has been massaging my ears with great guitar pop, and I haven't mentioned a word about it to any of you.  I feel shame; great shame.  The record is Snow Globe, a five song EP from Melbourne's Tiny Little Houses.  The arrangements recall lo-fi bands of the '90s, and the themes are emotionally charged and intense.  The vocals remind me of Silversun Pickups.  Several of the songs are slower paced, but showcase track "Song Despite Apathy" and opener "Medicate Me" bristle with energy.  There are no weak songs, but other highlights are the ever-building post-break up song "I Hate That You're Happy" and closer "Lonely People".  With the other song titles including "Not Pretty Enough" (a cover of Kasey Chambers' pop hit), one might be tempted to dismiss the effort as too emo.  Don't make this mistake.  This is well crafted and performed pop, with deft dynamics and just the right amount of self-deprecatory bluntness.  Moreover, it serves as the calling card for a talented band from which we'd like to hear a lot more music.

Tiny Little Houses began as the solo project of Caleb Karvountzis.  For the last couple of years the band has been a four piece, with Caleb joined by Sean Mullins, Clancy Bond, and Al Yamin.
Snow Globe is out now via Ivy League Records

Bandcamp (previous releases)
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