Sunday, November 20, 2016

"Antlers" by The Bats

I'm expecting 2017 to be a rough year in many respects, so I've been scanning the news of upcoming albums hoping for some good cheer in the gloom.  The best news on that front so far is that New Zealand's The Bats will release a 12-track album named Deep Set in January 2017 via Flying Nun (I think Captured Tracks will have the US release).  The first song for our ears is "Antlers".  The song features the band's trademark jangle, chime and harmonies.  But this band in unafraid of exploring the shadows, so we also are expecting the album to continue to reveal the band's thematic depth.

Bandcamp page for numerous releases by The Bats


pestuli 27 said...

Feelies and Jesus Mary Chain have new ones in early 2017. Yippee!

Jim Desmond said...

Long live the Bats. This sounds so good. Thanks for posting this.