Friday, November 11, 2016

Hi-Tec Emotions - Hard to Handle

Melbourne's three-piece Hi-Tec Emotions offer a satisfying musical club sandwich with punk, grunge, and new wave layers.  I don't care whether a band's members are male or female, and often don't even mention it, but Hi-Tec Emotions tells their tales with a female perspective, so the information is relevant.  The ten tracks on their new album, Hard to Handle, share a palpable sincerity and high energy.  There is rage, and outrage -- this lot doesn't flinch from identifying the bad guys and telling their story.  And it all rocks fast and rough, just like it should.

The album kicks off with the punk fury of "Look Around".  By track three, "Heart Line" we are in heavy rhythm new wave territory.  Other highlights are punky "Evil", the new wave anthem
"Mirror Mirror", and the glittering "Tess".

Hi-Tec Emotions are Ema Dunstan (vocals/keys), Jess Lakatosh (bass), and Mackenzie Randall (drums).  Hard to Handle is out now via Listen Records.

Bandcamp for Hard to Handle
Listen Records


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