Thursday, November 3, 2016

Bloody Death Skull - The Haunting of Bloody Death Skull

When the artist's name is Bloody Death Skull, you would expect a Halloween release date.  And you would be correct.  You also would expect the feature of the release to appear on that date.  But you would be wrong.  Perhaps you have us confused with real, professional music journalists.

The facts are that Halloween was a blur of sugar-induced semi-consciousness, near alcohol poisoning and silly costumes.  We call it "Monday".   So you read about The Haunting of Bloody Death Skull a couple of days later.  However -- and quite accidentally -- the journalistic malpractice is not as bad as we feared, because it really isn't a ghoulish album.  The themes can trend to the dark side at times, but overall this is a delightful bundle of retro girl group, doo wop and garage stylings sung in a girlish voice by the talented Argentina to Florida to Columbia University to California Daiana Feuer and supporting conspirators, including Gerard Olson, Beth McSelf, and Donna Bummer.  The tunes are snappy, sweetly bittersweet (yes, that's a thing), slightly shaggy and very fun.  A bit of punk attitude and some toy instruments give it a delightful extra edge.

The Haunting of Bloody Death Skull is out now as a self-release.  See the Bandcamp link below for this EP and previous releases.

Bandcamp for The Haunting of Bloody Death Skull

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