Monday, November 28, 2016

The Salient Braves - Guilty Until Proven Innocent

This is the third EP from The Salient Braves to grace our pages, and like its predecessors, it makes a grand entrance with the opening track -- "Guilty Until Proven Innocent".  The guitars jangle over a meandering bass line while the head brave, Matt Bailey delivers a matter of fact complaint about his treatment by the authorities.  The chorus gives the proceeding an old English music hall flavor and adds to the working man bona fides.  The following "My Alter Ego" is a sweet-sounding, folk/twee give and take with a female vocalist.  "Boys Night Out" is a shimmering, sparkling story of, well, a boys night out (and while things might not always work out as our protagonist would like, it made me strangely thirsty).  The EP closes with a moody change of tone with "Cynical Old Bastard" -- a fine tune that hints at even greater depths for Bailey's songwriting.

Matt Bailey is a fine storyteller and crafts songs that are warm and hit the head and the heart with just the right touch, so we encourage everyone to give him a chance.  Guilty Until Proven Innocent is available now as a limited edition CD or digital download.  See the Bandcamp link below.

Bandcamp for Guilty Until Proven Innocent

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