Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Kent Eugene Goolsby - Temper of the Times

The post-election, everyone's fighting blues got me today, so I needed something connecting me to back to normal life.  To the rescue comes Temper of the Times, the new album from Kent Eugene Goolsby.  Offering powerful rock guitars, singer songwriter sincerity, and KEG's whiskey-soaked velvet vocals (with spouse Anna Leigh providing the harmonies), KEG lets us into his life so far.  Good decisions, bad decisions, successes, failures, and the commitment to the musician's life. In addition to his formidable musical talents and enviable vocal abilities, he quite simply has a way with words that puts just the right spin on the tale (note that his webpage includes the lyrics).  He doesn't celebrate his imperfections, but he reveals then directly and with humor, and puts it all in context -- there are good days and bad days, but celebrate the entire journey.  And it is that spirit that gives the album just the right amount of weight.

I've been sitting here for a while trying to decide whether the guitars or the vocals were my favorite aspect of Temper of the Times.  Then I realized that the election must of scrambled my brains -- why even decide the question?  They both are great, and so is this album.


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