Monday, July 18, 2016

Terry - Terry HQ

Terry HQ, by Melbourne's Terry, reveals a band capable of jangling with the jangle poppers, rocking with the post punkers and dishing attitude with the punks.  And there are a few slacker pop ballads as well.  But for a band assembled by by two couples, who variously are members of Dick Diver, UV Race, Eastlink, Total Control, School of Radiant Living, Constant Mongrel, Russell Street Bombings, and Mick Harvey's band, talent and vision shouldn't be a surprise.  The four-piece, consisting of Al Monfort, Amy Hill, Zephyr Pavey, and Xanthe Waite, share songwriting and vocal duties, resulting in a range of styles and tempos.  But all the tracks share a sharp focus, incisive writing and a forward-pushing delivery.  The band doesn't shy away from social criticism (e.g. "Third War"), but makes sure to provide some laughs as well.  The approach is decidedly lo-fi, and there nothing about the album could be termed slick.  But the approach fits the surging, rhythmic arrangements like a glove.

Australia seems to produce great guitar bands like Munich produces beer (and we wouldn't want to live without either), and Terry is a worthy addition to the roster.  Get on the Terry train before it leaves the station!  Terry HQ is out now via Upset The Rhythm in digital, CD and vinyl formats.

Terry's Bandcamp page (two previous EPs)
Upset The Rhythm

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