Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Lumps - Curses!

Cue up Curses!, the new LP from New York's Lumps and you'll be blasted by three sweat-soaked, punk pop tunes of considerable quality.  How sweat-soaked?  Well, the word "sweat" even appears in the title of the first two songs.  We're talking puddles on the floor while you pogo like an maniac.  Then "Nojo" takes us to a place I haven't been since the last time I listened to the Monks' Black Monk Time.  And for the benefit of you children who have never experienced the Monks, that is a very good place to be.  "HENRY" follows with a wonderfully skanky retro jam that belongs at a midnight surf party.  "Come Back To Me" is a smashing garage pop tune with some rockabilly touches.  The next five songs continue the jazzy, beat-oriented adrenaline rush.  Highlights for me include the retro/new wave "Cuddly Party" and "Not Dead".  And any descriptions need to be taken with a grain of salt, because Lumps like to change things up a few times in a song.

These guys take the spirit of early punk and take it places, and add influences and genres, that you wouldn't expect --  which of course is the most punk act of all.  These guys are a blast of fresh air, albeit fresh air in a sweaty basement with beer on the floor.

Lumps are Aaron Hester, Ara Arnn, Rory Fortune, Sam Backer, Nick Carter, and Joe Wilson.  Curses! is an absolute bargain at $5 for a digital download of 11 tracks at the Bandcamp link below.


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