Friday, July 22, 2016

Martha - Blisters In The Pit Of My Heart

Martha manages to be many things at once, or one after the other. They are pop punk, indie rock, power pop, post punk, and noise pop.  They are political, socially conscious, reflective, romantic, mischievous, and cynical.  They are literate and rough-edged.  They usually are loud and fast, but can be soft.  But in any mode the UK four-piece is an excellent band, and Blisters In The Pit Of My Heart is an incredibly good album.  Spiky riffs trade the limelight with pop hooks, while the energy is at fitness video levels.  Billy Bragg spoke of the fusion of pop and politics, but for the set that wants to dance with their principles, Martha should be their go-to act.

I love songwriting that works both as a superb soundtrack and, for those that want to dig deeper, wonderfully twisted entertainment.  "St Paul's (Westerberg Comprehensive)" focuses on gay students in a Catholic school, but adds references to Paul Westerberg of The Replacements, whose "Androgynous" was the inspiration for this song.  Famous revolutionary makes an appearance, but she is re-imagined as a gumshoe in "Goldman's Detective Agency".  Another song discusses fining romance in the supermarket.  There is plenty more there, but I shouldn't deny you the fun of discovering it for yourself.  And for those inclined to look, the Bandcamp link below includes the lyrics (which I think all bands should do).  Suffice it to say that the album is about life and how to deal with it, roll with it, and persevere.  An album this good deserves your ears, and your ears and heart deserve it.

Formed four years ago, Martha are Nathan Stephens-Griffin (drums), Naomi Griffin (bass), JC Cairns (guitar), and Daniel Ellis (guitar), all of whom write and sing.  Blisters In The Pit Of My Heart is out now in digital, CD and vinyl formats via Fortuna POP! in the UK/Europe and Dirtnap Records in North America.

Bandcamp for Blisters In The Pit Of My Heart
Fortuna POP!
Dirtnap Records

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