Thursday, July 7, 2016

Close Lobsters - Desire and Signs EP 7"

I can't get enough of Scots indie rockers Close Lobsters.  One of my favorite bands of any era, they are back on stage with the Desire and Signs EP 7".  It is all new material, and it is exceptional.  Although Close Lobsters never disbanded, they were in an extended hiatus.  Rather than cautiously dip their collective toe back in the water with recycled material or knock-offs of past fan favorites, their new songs are big and bold.  In my view the lead track, "Under London Skies", compares favorably with the finest songs in their catalog.  The topic is the music scene in London in the eras of The Clash, The Only Ones, The Mob, and The June Brides, and Close Lobsters treat the subject with energy, perspective and bite.  And rather than a bit of fluff for the B-side, "Wander Epic Part II" challenges the opener for a spot on the top.  While starting out as a mid-tempo meditation on the sea, it builds in sound and scope to epic levels, invoking open spaces, wild seas and racing clouds.

After all these years, how do they do it?  I suspect witchcraft is involved.

Desire and Signs EP 7" is available via Shelflife Records on heavyweight vinyl with a download code for "Under London Skies", "Wander Epic Part II", and bonus tracks "Wander Epic Parts I & II" and "Wander Epic Part III".  A digital version will also include a bonus mix of "Under London Skies".  I believe the digital is available now, and the vinyl will be available to ship later this month.

Shelflife Records page for Desire and Signs EP 7"
Bandcamp page for Desire and Signs EP 7"

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