Saturday, July 30, 2016

Kid Canaveral - Faulty Inner Dialogue

I've been a fan of Edinburgh's Kid Canaveral for many years, thus it is no surprise that they have featured here several times.  The only complaint I've ever whispered in their direction was that they take a long time in between albums.  I suspect that life, jobs and rejuvenation of creative juices are to blame.  But it probably would be fair to say that when each album is better than the last, it takes a fool to criticize a band for taking the time to do it right.  So I'll cop to being a fool.  But at least I'm a fool bearing the happy news that Kid Canaveral is back with Faulty Inner Dialogue.  The album takes what the band does well -- hyper melodic indie rock with propulsive arrangements and worthwhile lyrics addressing life's challenges and dichotomies -- and then adds in some deft electronic touches and, to my ears, a bit more sophistication and nuance in the vocals.

The give and take between classic power pop and electro-pop commences in the first track, "Gun Fhaireachdain".  The following "First We Take Dumbarton is galloping power pop, and classic Kid Canaveral.  It also should be on everyone's playlist.  "Tragic Satellite" is chiming, glistening guitar pop.  A dreamy instrumental interlude comes courtesy of "Ten Milligrams", which leads to one of the sneaky masterpieces of the album for my money, "Callous Parting Gift". Other highlights for me are the surging "Lifelong Crisis of Confidence", the sweet synth pop "Listen to Me", and the epic "Lives Never Lived".  Thematically, the we find the band in the mood for refection.  But whether you also are inclined to reflect, or just want some stellar guitar pop, Faulty Inner Dialogue delivers.

Kid Canaveral are David MacGregor (vocals/guitar), Kate Lazda (guitar/vocals), Rose McConnachie (bass/vocals), Scott McMaster (drums), and Michael Craig (keys).  Faulty Inner Dialogue is out now via Lost Map.

Bandcamp for Faulty Inner Dialogue
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