Friday, September 27, 2019

Tincho - Home Today

It is Friday, and we are happy. Of course, the proximity of the weekend has much to do with our positive attitude, but a major contributor is the jangle and bounce of Home Today. The product of Seattle band Tincho, the album features 11 tracks of sparkling, energetic guitar pop. Perhaps because of the Seattle connection, we detect a bit of the Young Fresh Fellows spirit in this album, but quite frankly Home Today has a bit more polish while retaining an adventurous spirit, and probably will wear better in the long run. And for now, it will get a lot of play throughout our weekend.

We wrote above that Tincho is a Seattle band, but in the spirit of full disclosure we note that some of the members at the time this album were recorded have left for other places. However, there are remaining and new members, and we look forward to more great music from them.

For this album Tincho were Tyler Willey (drums), Dan Voss (bass), Anton Conner Harle (lead guitar), Marty Kaleta (rhythm guitar/vocals), and Steven Laing (percussion). Home Today is out now as a digital release - see the Bandcamp link below.

Bandcamp Home Today

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