Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Lost Ships - All Of The Pieces EP

We think that making it to Wednesday means we deserve a slice of heaven, and we get exactly what we want via All of the Pieces, the new EP from Portsmouth, UK's Lost Ships.  The band boasts a robust power pop sound, plenty of jangle, and big hooks and choruses. Unsurprisingly, they earn references to Teenage Fanclub. And while it is nice to be compared to the heroes of jangling power pop, this band carves out their own identity. This EP is a terrific addition to our library and will be an essential part of our Autumn soundtrack.

Lost Ships are Dave Sarney (bass), Simon Rapsey (drums), Dev Cross (guitars/vocals), and Ashley Chaplin (guitars/vocals). All of the Pieces is available now in digital and CD formats via Subjangle.

Bandcamp for All Of The Pieces

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