Monday, September 23, 2019

"Looking for Love (feat. Club 8)" by The Legends

Ohhhh, we like starting out our day in music with a smoldering duet (we don't mind ending our day the same way, truth be known). And we can do so with "Looking For Love". The artists are credited as The Legends with a featured performance by Karolina Komstedt from Club 8. Since The Legends is one of the artistic guises of Johan Angergard, and Club 8 consists of Johan and Karolina, one could well wonder why this isn't a Club 8 project. The answer may be that Johan may be considering the song for inclusion in a future album for his solo project, but for us - today - the answer doesn't matter. We just like the song and have it on repeat.

In addition to The Legends, Johan Angergard is a member of Acid House Kings, Djustin, Club 8, and Pallers, as well as running Labrador Records.

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Labrador Records

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