Tuesday, April 9, 2019

The Memory Fades - She Loves the Birds EP

When we learn that Stephen Maughan is involved in a project, our assumption is that quality music will result.  And we have never been disappointed, having thrilled to Bulldozer Crash and Kosmonaut records.  Stephen's new project is The Memory Fades, and it does nothing to change our minds.  Our introduction to the new project is four-track EP She Loves the Birds.  Kicking off with the standout title track, and then sliding into the breezy and poppier "Picture of You", the listener baths in a marriage of '60s garage/psych and '80 New Zealand guitar pop.  Things shift more to the rock and fuzz end of the spectrum with "Am I Losing You?".   The terrific closer is the jangling "Mining For Diamonds", which brings to mind The Jesus and Mary Chain and Bulldozer Crash with a dash of Velvet Underground.  This is a little record with a big punch -- don't miss it.

For this EP Stephen worked with Marc Elston (who was Stephen's partner in Bulldozer Crash), Graeme Elston, Joyoti Mishra, and Chris Morgan.  She Loves the Birds is out now via Sunday Records.

Bandcamp for She Loves the Birds EP
Label's Bandcamp page for She Loves the Birds

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