Friday, April 5, 2019

Flying Fish Cove - At Moonset

Fridays are album release day, and as is the case most Fridays, there are a number of worthies to consider.  But this week we didn't need to look far and wide for our favorite album release of the day.  May we present you with At Moonset, the debut album by Seattle's own Flying Fish Cove.  The band combines nostalgia, cultural references and an appreciation for fantasy into intriguing stories presented in a youthful, DIY style reminiscent of The Pastels and Heavenly.  Add in some psychedelic washes and unusual instrumentation, and we have an album that delights, excites and surprises.  While music typically is not described in physical terms (other than tempo and volume), At Moonset is manifestly warm and richly colorful.  Seattle is just starting its spring season, and is doing so with gray skies and drizzle.  But this album makes us believe that summer is just around the corner.  So we welcome Flying Fish Cove, and our first favorite album of summer.  In April.

Flying Fish Cove are Dena Zilber, Jake Jones, Sean Canfield, and Jacob Jaffe.  At Moonset is out now in vinyl and digital formats via Help Yourself Records.

Bandcamp for At Moonset


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