Monday, April 1, 2019

KiDD - Chance Weekend

Stu Kidd has been a part of many projects in his music career, but it is as KiDD that he is making his most distinctive mark.  Where his previous KiDD creations represented the best of the delicate end of indie pop, his new album Chance Weekend reveals an expanding vision.  Here the artist paints with more vivid colors and a broader palette and the rhythms are more robust, although with enough loose threads to remind us that his ethos is the indie world.  Stu hasn't lost his appealingly slightly off-kilter perspective, or his fondness for a music hall singalong or a gentle folk tune, but he is hitting his stride as a solo artist that can deliver the goods to a broad audience.

Chance Weekend is out now as a digital release and a limited edition CD via Zenzerino Records.  Check the Bandcamp link.


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