Wednesday, April 10, 2019

"I Could Really Use Your Love" by Vic Park

Young Jack Poulson makes good music.  In fact, he's a bit of a genius to our cultured ears.  Jack formerly made music as JP Klipspringer, but that didn't quite do enough honor for his other passion -- Collingwood, a team that plays Aussie Rules football.  So Jack has renamed his musical self Vic Park, in tribute to the grounds where Collingwood plays.  But fans need not worry, the Jack that is Vic Park makes stunningly engaging guitar pop that would make any musician proud, even the late, great JP Klipspringer.

Vic Park's new single is "I Could Really Use Your Love".  Romantic and upbeat in all the right ways, with none of those cloying elements that crop up in corporately manufactured pop tunes, this song has made our Seattle day seem sunny, despite the real weather forecast.  Check it out below.

Various sites to purchase/stream "I Could Really Use Your Love"

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