Thursday, April 4, 2019

Honey 2 Honey - A Taste Of

This is a perfect way to slide into the weekend.  Canberra/Sydney four-piece Honey 2 Honey is priming our interest in their eventual full length with the tasty EP A Taste Of.  Consisting of one of our favorite songs so far this year, "Tone Of Voice", and three terrific supporting tracks.  The special sauce here is a hypnotic, dubby brand of electronic R&B.  This is a change of pace that all of us indie kids truly needed, and it has pasted a smile on all of our faces around here.

Honey 2 Honey are Rory Stenning, Luke Keanan-Brown, Del Lumanta, and Daryl Prondoso.  A Taste Of is out now in digital and vinyl formats via one of the finest indie labels in the business, Melbourne's Chapter Music.

Bandcamp for A Taste Of
Chapter Music page for A Taste Of

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