Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Vital Idles - Left Hand

We must confess to be in the throes of an "album obsession" period.  The current object of our focus is Left Hand, the debut LP by Vital Idles.  Combining a sparse, hard edged primitivism with a melodic jangle, the Glasgow quartet has crafted a generous 14-song set filled with anxious charm and meandering lyricism.  The band has drawn comparisons to Kleenex, Life Without Buildings, The Raincoats, and even The Smiths.  We get that, but we tend more to regarding them as the love child of The Clean, Beat Happening and Yes On Blood-era The Mallard (which was one of our favorite albums in 2012).  Yes, in our make-believe world three parents are possible.  But regardless of the influences you might detect, we think you will find Left Hand to be an album that will live in your rotation for a long time.

Our favorite songs as of this writing are "A Premise", "Chains", "Solid States", "Life Like", "Geraniums" and .... well, you get the idea, we pretty much like everything this album offers.

Vital Idles are Jessica Higgins, Nick Lynch, Ruari MacLean, and Matthew Walkerdine.  Left Hand is out now via Upset The Rythm.

Upset the Rhythm page to order Left Hand

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