Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Flasher - Constant Image

Much of what comes out of Washington, D.C. these days is stomach-churning, so it is in the spirit of balance, and no small amount of nostalgia for a city I enjoyed living in for several years in a past decade, that we bring you Constant Image, the superb album from D.C.'s Flasher.  Barely two years old, this three-piece has emerged from their punk roots as a versatile and inspired rock band.  The songs on this debut album flow easily from punky anthems to pop smeared indie rock to taut post-punk.  But regardless of style, every song bristles with energy and is performed with passion.

Thematically, Flasher doesn't believe in shading the truth or sugar-coating disappointment.  The songs feature dispassionate and clear-eyed observations of personal and public life, and in picking their scabs, you may feel your own pain.  But for all that, we found listening to this album to be a welcome visceral experience.  Yeah, politics sucks, life is full of disappointments and settling for less, and we've never felt so alive for listening to it.

Flasher are Taylor Mulitz (guitar), Daniel Saperstein (bass), and Emma Baker (drums), all of whom sing on the album.  Constant Image is out now via Domino.

Bandcamp for Constant Image

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