Sunday, June 10, 2018

"Et le blizzard s'estompe" by The Rebels of Tijauana

There is no shortage of good music to share, and we will cover as much of it as time allows.  But the music has to fit the time and place.  Today brought a bike ride in both sun and rain, and then sun and rain again, and now we are enjoying a fine beverage.  After spending some time tying to decide what music best fit an early summer evening with a soft rain falling, we checked our email and discovered  a message from Echo Orange submitting "Et le blizzard s'estompe" by The Rebels of Tijuana.  And it is perfect!  We love the way the track establishes a groove and takes the time to let it seep entirely into the listener's brain before the lyrics drop in.  The song, which is the first single written by French poet Rémi Guirao, is available as a digital download from various online sources.

The Rebels of Tijuana are Alex (guitar/bass/vocals), Seb (keys/backing vocals), Romain (drums/backing vocals), and Julien (bass/backing vocals).  Despite the band's name, they are a French, and living in Switzerland.  Obviously, their tastes run to '60s and '70s French pop, and that is quite alright with us.  They will be releasing Asile, a double vinyl LP in October 2018, which promises to encompass folk rock, pop, jazz, and psychedelia.  Based on the evidence of this single, our bet is that they deliver on those promises.

And we wish you a relaxing end to your weekend.

Echo Orange

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