Monday, January 23, 2017

Shredd - Every Time We Meet I Want To Die

One thing that is true about the Glasgow pop scene is that if Fuzzkill Records discovers you, you are worth discovering.  The label finds talent, nurtures it, puts out their music and then, maybe, kisses them goodbye when they move on.  Some detractors say that the nurturing really is bit of machinery and lots of beer, and I respond that there is no proof that nurturing is limited to such things, and, in any case, it sounds very nurturing to me.  And one cannot argue with the results.

Today's edition of art-to-save-humanity from Fuzzkill is the Glasgow trio Shredd.  Shredd is fond of big slabs of garage rock supporting some sweet hooks and harmonies.  Their three-song EP Every Time We Meet I Want To Die is out now, and it is a killer calling card.  I listened to opener "Hideout", and said to myself 'this will be the best track, but lets see what else they have'.  Then I listened to "I'll Leave It", and congratulated myself for not telling anyone that "Hideout" was the best track, because I'd probably have to argue with those who felt the second track is the best.  And then I heard the third song, "The Switch", which is, in fact, my favorite song.  This EP has all of the vitality and immediacy of a live recording, with the added benefit that you don't even need to put on your trousers to enjoy it (although if you are dancing in front of your window, consider local ordinances).

Shredd are Chris Harvie, Mark Macdonald, and Calum Wilson.  Every Time We Meet I Want To Die is out now in cassette and digital formats via Fuzzkill Records.

Bandcamp for Everytime We Meet I Want To Die
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