Friday, January 20, 2017

Perry Brown - Become My Blood

Last week I found myself wondering what had become of one of my favorite American indie labels, Georgia-based This Is American Music.  In a satisfying coincidence of timing, the label alerted me to their first release in a while, Become My Blood by Troy, Alabama's Perry Brown.  For his solo album, Perry -- whose main musical job is frontman for southern rock band Fire Mountain -- tackles themes of relationships and family.  Perhaps not classic rock fare, but music is all about the execution and Brown's songwriting and performance here is first class.  The songs have a graceful intensity, and genuine humility in celebrating the connections that bind us together.  Become My Blood sparkles musically, and sparkles with sincerity and hope as well.  What a great record to help start out 2017 in music.

Bandcamp for Become My Blood

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