Wednesday, January 25, 2017

"Ride It Out" video by Redspencer

Sometimes we would like to promote our favorite bands and their recent albums more than once.  But the Society for Music Blogger Standards has advised us that we won't be invited to next year's SMBS annual ball if we lamely repost a recent feature.  And we really like an excuse to pull out the dress kilt and not wear underwear.  So, while we've wanted to remind everyone about Perks, the fine debut album by Melbourne's Redspencer, we felt our hands were tied.  Fortunately, the band helped us out by making this hazy gem of a video for chill album track "Ride It Out".  Thus, we can now urge you to enjoy the song and video, and check out our feature from November (link).  Need we point out that Redspencer is our favorite kind of spencer?

Link to purchase Perks
Deaf Ambitions

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