Thursday, January 12, 2017

Half Japanese - Hear The Lions Roar

Hear The Lions Roar, the new album by Half Japanese, was one of the first 2017 releases to hit my inbox, and it remains one of my favorite.  With the humor, eccentricity and devotion to rhythm that marks a Half Japanese album, but the pop smarts and punk rock swagger to keep it in sweet spot for any intelligent listener, it is accessible and full of delights.  And because of its punk roots, it is music that should be heard rather than dissected on a page (virtual or otherwise).  So we've given you a couple of clips below, and urge you to visit the Bandcamp link.  We'll leave you with our conclusion that perhaps Half Japanese's greatest talent is producing a sound that fits in punk's DIY channel while still impressing the hell out of you with what they have wrought.

For Hear The Lions Roar Half Japanese are John Sluggett (guitar/keys/timbales), Gilles-Vincent Rieder (drums/percussion/keys), Jason Willett (bass/keys), Mick Hobbs (guitar/glockenspiel) and Jad Fair (vocals).  The album is out as of January 13 via Fire Records.

Jad Fair's website
Bandcamp for Hear The Lions Roar
Fire Records page for album

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