Wednesday, January 18, 2017

"Julie's Place" by Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

Last week a contact sent me an email with a note about a Melbourne band's new video.  Despite writing up a lot of bands from that fair city over the years, I wasn't familiar with this one.  And given the distinctive name - Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - I think I would have remembered running across them.  However, this is one area of life in which there is no prize for being first, and thankfully, no penalty for being tardy.  So today we'll bring you the latest single by the five-piece and advise you to look for their upcoming Sub Pop debut, The French Press EP, which will be released in March.  And based on the songs from it I've heard, you also are advised to track down a copy of their 2016 album Talk Tight.  Doing so is on my to do list instead of attending the Inauguration -- priorities, folks, priorities.

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever are Tom Russo, Joe Russo, Joe White, Fran Keaney, and Marcel Tussie.

Sub Pop

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