Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tiny Birds - Local History EP

The Local History EP by London's Tiny Birds has been getting a lot of play around my abode of late.  The band's music has been referred to as sad songs with happy music, and I suppose that is a good starting point.  Certainly the music, which is I'll describe as indie rock with folk accents and bright African "high life" flourishes, is energetic major key stuff of high quality.  It even contains a song titled "John Travolta".

Local History is self-released, and may be flying too low under the radar to gain major traction.  I think that's a shame, as it presents five really good songs.  The EP is available as a limited edition CD, or as a "name your price" digital download.  Click on the Bandcamp link below for details.  And, as is our custom, you can take it for a test drive here.  You'll appreciate the plush surroundings, attention to detail and smooth engine.

By the way, Tiny Birds are Matt, Mark, Tim, Tom and Dave.

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Edoc said...

Has a bit of the ramshackle charm of early James.