Monday, November 19, 2012

REVIEW: Woollen Kits - Four Girls

If a guitar pop fan were to pick only one city to supply his or her musical needs lately, a competitive candidate would be Melbourne, Australia.  And one of the reasons is the trio known as Woollen Kits.  With apparent influences from '60s rock, the Flying Nun bands and '80s underground rock, this band creates an exciting brand of garage pop, with enough punk, enough jangle and enough driving bass to make their music stand out from the crowd.  Can three guys sound like a mash up of The Troggs, The Clean and a band from Athens, Georgia with plenty of caffeine?  Their new LP Four Girls answers the question in the affirmative.  Try it out with the single "Susannah" --

Four Girls presents a guitar pop band that is unafraid to adorn their melodies with muscle and energy.  The confidence in the music they produce is evident, and it is infectious.  I'd give you hints about which songs are the best, but my favorites tend to change with each listen.  But the last time through the album I gave replay honors to "Be You" and "All Sorts" as well as "Susannah".

 By the way, the title of the album reflects the subject of four of the ten tracks -- in addition to "Susannah", there are songs entitled Shelley, Sandra and Cheryl.  Shall we meet Shelley?

Woollen Kits is Tom Hardisty, Tom Ridgewell and Leon Applebee.  Four Girls is their second LP of 2012, and it is out on RIP Society Records in Australia and Trouble in Mind Records in the U.S.

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