Thursday, November 1, 2012

REVIEW: Epsilon One - Spirals EP

Taut, dark, sludgy, and lo-fi, with aggressive bass and a dose of distortion, the Spirals EP from Edinburgh's Epsilon One says "pay attention to me" from the opening notes of the title track.  At times it seems late-night industrial indie rock, and at times a grimy nugget of electro-rock.  This is one of those new and almost unknown artists that is worth getting to know before every social music site proclaims that Epsilon One is their new discovery.

The guitar, synths, bass, drums, programming and vocals are all the work of  Dicky Lorin.  The Spirals EP is out on Dog Got A Bone Records, and we understand that Dicky is planning a full length release in 2013.

Stream all for tracks here.  Source it at the Bandcamp or the links below for Dog Got A Bone Records.

You Tube (demos)
Facebook for Dog Got A Bone Records

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