Saturday, November 17, 2012

Let's honor 1988: The Replacements

We here at WYMA are a little giddy today over our 11-0 football team. It reminds us of our most recent glory days in the late '80s, early '90s, when the Fighting Irish were in the national championship hunt every year, and not forgotten for us music geeks, great American rock blasted across the quads on America's most beautiful campus and its game day parking lots.
When Cierre Wood broke off that long TD run on a picture perfect option play in the first quarter today, it immediately brought this to mind, echoes of glorious Notre Dame teams and tailgates past :  

And this:

More recently, there's this beautiful mess:

For rock trivia, did you know that the 'Mats longtime sound man and engineer Tim Powell was an Notre Dame grad?  

My favorite personal ND 'Mats story - their mgr Peter Jesperson game me a cassette advance of Tim in September 1985, shortly before it came out. I headed off to ND for a game the next day. We brought a boom box into Lee's Ribs and blasted it in there after the game, then ended up at Bridget's late that night, where we paid the bartender $20 to turn it up full blast and play it all night on continuous loop. ND fans celebrated beating Michigan State 27-10 and heard Tim, arguably the great rock'n'roll album in American history, before anyone else in the US. A Midwestern celebration of the highest order.  
It sounded like this: 


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