Friday, November 30, 2012

The Soul Corner - "We're A Winner" The Impressions (feat. Curtis Mayfield)

Last Friday's Soul Corner was by far the most viewed ever, so I want to build off the thematic narrative of last week, while also tipping the cap to the amazing Bruce Springsteen show I saw this Wednesday night in Portland OR. It was the most soulful Bruce show I've ever seen. To my ears, Curtis Mayfield hovered over the arena all night and not just when Bruce played bits of the Impressions "People Get Ready" a couple times during the course of the festivities.

So put those themes together and you get this week's Soul Corner song, The Impressions' "We're a Winner":

Released in 1967, written and produced by the great Curtis Mayfield (who has been previously featured here at the Soul Corner), "We're a Winner" was of course not about a football team, but a far higher calling, the Civil Rights movement. "We're a Winner" became an anthem for the times, an empowering  song that gave voice to the complex emotions of the African-American community. It was exactly the sound and heroic sense of purpose that inspired Mr. Springsteen and his E Street Band throughout their distinguished career.

Here's Bruce and a band of all stars covering Mr. Mayfield as he was inducted into the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame in 1994:

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