Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Introducing: Queen Jane

You may not have expected this, but Cumbernauld, Scotland is the home of the best Afro-pop inflected indie band you've heard in a great while.  James McGarragle, Chris Harvie, Mark MacDonald and Craig Lindsay comprise Queen Jane, a group which remains unsigned only due to the corruption and sloth rampant in the A&R segment of the music industry.  A good introduction to their sound would be the Romantics EP, which just has been released this week.  If you worked forward from their promising Confetti EP to their early 2012 EP, Denver, to now, you'd readily see the maturing of this group.  Get on the bandwagon now, boys and girls.

The lads took the time to create this video for EP track "Josephine.  It is a rousing, energetic tune and I think you'll enjoy it --

Queen Jane - Josephine from Queen Jane on Vimeo.

As I noted above, the most recent past release is the Denver EP.  The video for track "Those Summers" can be viewed here, and the entire EP streamed below.   I should note that the entire Denver EP, with a bonus amount of Afro-pop guitar, is available as a free download at Bandcamp.  I think you can figure out what to do about that, don't you?

Queen Jane - Those Summers from Queen Jane on Vimeo.

The 2011 debut EP, Confetti, is available as a free download at their Bandcamp page.


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