Thursday, November 15, 2012

New Twin Cities Shoegaze/Psych Discovery - Pony Trash (new EP out 11/27)

Pony Trash is a Minneapolis/St. Paul rock group comprised of members of other area bands, including Chambermaids (who we featured here) and Polica (who we featured here). They have a self-titled EP due out November 27 via The Old Blackberry Way. That's the name of the new label on which it will be released, and also the studio, where lead man Neil Weir makes music and produces music for other Minnesota artists.

It's dense, kind of alternates between dark and sunny and features loads of really good electric guitar - in other words, great rock music. The label "shoegaze" is used, by the artists themselves, and I suppose it applies in part, but it is sort of limiting - their sound is much more expansive than that. The record features some astounding guitar work - sort of surfy, with the strings bending, and very full. The vocals are sort of mixed down - at least it sounds a bit that way to me - but the vocal harmonies are terrific.

Here's the video for "The Weight Of The Night" - this stuff reminds me a good bit of the late, great Love Tractor and that is a compliment of the highest order from me:

You can listen for yourself, and order a limited edition vinyl, here:

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